Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yep, Thats right PALMOLIVE! :)

That's right. I know what you're thinking...This is the guy we already thought was off his rocker. I mean, come on, a big guy with all the tattoos who does children's illustrations too?
Well I just want to give props where props are due. Recently with the economy the way it is, the Misses and I were at Walgreens doing some shopping. We needed some dish soap. We walked around the corner and there it was...a towering monster bottle of dish soap. I mean it was like 6 feet tall Well, maybe a little smaller. . I thought to myself "What a buy! It's only 3 bucks! I got a team of employees and we carried it out to the car.
When we got home I wanted to take that massive bottle for a spin. :) I am like any man. We
LOVE doing the dishes...all men Love doing the dishes, don't they?
Well, I put a little on the sponge and away I went...first dish down, but where were the suds? So, one more squirt on the sponge and away we go...couple more dishes down Where in hell are the suds? Now I am looking at the dishes and thinking "Are they even clean?"
Then I think I must be in the seventh gate of
HELL. This is how I am going to be tormented for the rest of existence- washing dishes with no suds and then rewashing and rewashing them FOREVER .............N....O! :(
Luckily, I finished after a lot of bad words and a whole lot of dish liquid. I must say that the only bright side of things is that we went through that damn soap so fast that we were off to Walgreens to do some more shopping for dish soap within a week.
Looking through the fliers, my Coupon Queen that I call my wife spotted a blazing deal on some Palmolive....A 10 oz bottle for only $.99 cents. It was well worth it!
We returned home and I saw we had some dishes stacking up, so I put on my cape and dish washing outfit. That's right, Buddy, I wear an outfit because I am
Used to the other very subpar soap we just finished, I put a healthy dose of liquid on the mighty sponge and began to lather up (Just The Sponge Nothing else).
The SUDS...Oh my God, the SUDS! They came and they came with a vengeance! By the beard of Zeus, I all most had to evacuate the misses and the kitty we call Chaplin (Well, maybe the suds weren't THAT much).
I was in heaven with all the suds that I needed from a little dab of the green Magic. The dishes were squeaky clean and my hands felt so soft (Wait, did just say that??)
***So my Hat is off to you**
King of all Magical Green Dish Liquid !

You will have a faithful subject until I can't raise a dish again!

I do have some suggestions...
#1 A glow in the dark dish liquid so me and kids can have fun washing some dishes
#2 Bring Back Marge the Palmolive lady ( While doing research I found out that Jan Miner the original Palmolive lady passed away she was 86 :(
#3 Get a character like maybe a Pirate and with his beard made of suds. That would be cool!
#4 Maybe a get a pitch man with some tattoos and named...Mikiep!

Like I said these are only suggestions. :)


FishStikks said...

That was a GREAT read!
I enjoyed every sudsy moment of it!

Hehe, and just look at all those soap ads over there <---

Jaja said...

Put a big smile on my face, thanks I needed that.

QuiteNice said...

I feel sooo clean now!

LillyShayStyle said...

That was the funniest thing I've read all day!
I wish my loved doing the dishes! *sigh*

Raven said...

I LOVE the part where you say "Just the sponge, nothing else".
KILLER...I laughed so hard!

I love that you love doing the dishes...I mean seriously, what woman doesn't like a man who can clean and then a day later tear a tree stump out of the back yard with his bare hands? Yer a keeper!


janet said...

I love you Mikiep;)....your are like chatting with one of my brothers and that is such a 'good thing' as Martha Stewart would say.

Anonymous said...

coolmama said I have two girls that spilled a whole bottle of Palmolive on the kitchen floor one time long ago. I will never forget all the bubbles I had to clean up..Loved your story sweetie.

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