Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hello, everyone! It's me again, Mikiep. I know I haven't been blogging for awhile, but I wanted to tell you all something really important...

**** I AM A STAR WARS NERD!! ****

I know it is very hard to believe...and you might be thinking, "I thought this cat was cool.
I mean, he draws a lot of Super Hero stuff and that's cool."

All the popular guys like Robert Downey Jr., Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are doing the super hero thing now. But Star Wars... OMG! (I dont really like to use those 3 little letters, but in some cases, they just fit.)

Yes, Star Wars...that movie with the annoying gold robot, a 10' tall Teddy Ruxpin and the little green elf that looks like he needs a bunch of moisturizer . Yep, that's the movie.

What kid from the 70's wasn't totally hooked on it? I mean it was like George Lucas took soda pop, a truck load of sugar and 60 nicotine patches, rolled it all up and put it on the big screen. We were all addicted! When I left the theater, I had a $3 habit. I just had to see the movie over and over. I had a Star Wars Monkey on my back and needed every single item that had to do with Star Wars. I had it all...bed sheets, pajamas, small figurines, big figurines, lunch boxes, comics, trading cards, books on every aspect of Star Wars...Hell, I even had the underwear.

(Seriously, Mom and Dad, if you wanted me to mow the yard more often, you should have given the mower a name like the Millennium Falcon and put some cool Star Wars graphics on it. Bam! Little Mikie would have been mowing all the time.)
I'm just saying...they could have wrapped up dog poop and called it 'Wookie Poop' and I would have had to have it.

Thanks, George...for turning me in to SW junkie. Well, it could have been much worse. The title of this post could have been "I Am Addicted to My Little Pony" and I think we all can agree that's not cool for a guy.

Wow, I feel 100x better that you all now know my little secret.

So, next time you see me out at Home Depot and I'm sporting a Darth Vader outfit, you can just say "That Mikiep, what a Star Wars Nerd." :)