Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Mother of All GIVE-A-WAYS!!

Yep, that's right...You want a Super Special Ultra Cool Bling-A-Ding-A-Ding Mount Rushmore, Dali Lama of PRIZES??
Well, then I'll give you something so cool you might want sit down...But, first. close the doors and the windows because you may not want anyone else to hear about this.
I ....want to give YOU...


Well, honestly, I wish I could, but I really can't -- unless you'd take a check from Nigeria. ;)


I am giving away a CUSTOM Illustration featuring You...and the Hubs or significant other and maybe one of the kids, the family pet, heck even the Mailman if you want ( I don't know...maybe you like getting the mail..?)

The PRIZE of a Custom Illustration would include:
  • ** Anyone you want portrayed as their favorite Super Hero
  • ******And they'll be depicted in their most loved Childhood Memory
For all the details and TO ENTER, Go to:

Or just follow the link to the left of this post

  • Contest ends on 7.11.2009 (like the place that sells the super duper Slurpee )

I hope everyone has fun with this contest. I can't wait to get started on your custom illustration!

Stay Inspired!


Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

I'm in !! I love your illustrations and well... I want to be a superhero! lol

janet said...

Wow cool is this giveaway! Count me in...this is exciting!
your friend,

janet said...

ok...I also just twittered about your giveaway and included links...can you tell I want this!!! ;-)

rozzissweetpeas said...

Following from article you posted on Etsy. My blogs are and

love your blog and agree that we need to get our followership up for the searches...hugs rozzi

Dongedy said...

Too late .... :(

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